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For us, partnership means combining business-oriented thinking with creative solutions. This involves developing business based on deep customer understanding and bringing our unique perspective on how to stand out from the competition. We offer new and innovative opportunities.

We are constantly looking for new partners, and we might be interested in you. Please get in touch, whether your operations are national or regional. We also operate internationally, so global connections are warmly welcomed.

The most important aspect of partnership is that it adds value to both parties and their customers. This means the opportunity to enhance operations and achieve higher quality. Efficient utilization of resources in an agreed manner is crucial to us.

Our partners benefit from comprehensive marketing and communication, which support the company's image, values, and Finnish identity. Responsible collaboration creates an immediate reputation aligned with the company's values.

Partners support each other and share common values. Our common goal is success. Equality and fairness are paramount to us. We want to be where our partners are and do meaningful things together. This enables our partners to effectively implement the values and benefits of the partnership in diverse ways.

We are ready. Are you?

Interested in cooperation

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